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  • Notes from the Field: Katherine Royce ’19

    “Not only did I learn the analytical and technical skills necessary to run computationally heavy simulations and simplify a regional industry to a set of 19 parameters, I also recognized how few of the factors that affect a disease are under human control.” 

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  • Notes from the Field: Alexandrea Adams ’18

    “I conducted research on various health laws and policies, wrote reports on my findings, and attended many health-related conferences. I had the opportunity to write an article about the current health law debate that has been published in the Huffington Post.” 

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  • Notes from the Field: Sydney Latimore '18

    "An important part of my internship was learning about international trade and its attachment to public policy agendas. During the internship, I’ve learned about the intricacies of international trade and how it is informed by, at times, volatile political climates.”

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  • Students from Exeter Academy Visit Dartmouth

    The Rockefeller Center hosted 27 students from Phillip Exeter Academy’s Charles J. Hamm Leadership Program on Wednesday, July 19. While visiting the Rockefeller Center, the students participated in a campus tour, scavenger hunt, and small group discussions. 

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  • Notes from the Field: Samuel Emmah ’18

    “By witnessing how much discretion a prosecutor has in filing charges and pursuing jail time for people, I understand that the focus in producing changes in the criminal justice system will need to be made with prosecutors and prosecutorial interest groups.” 

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  • Notes from the Field: Reem Chamseddine ’17

    "My understanding of the Syrian civil war, insurgent networks, and tactical military operations has increased significantly because of my internship.The analysts, who are the direct supervisors of the interns, ensured that the interns gained new skills and knowledge over the internship period."

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  • Notes from the Field: Celeste Kearney '19

    "One of my favorite parts of the internship was connecting with interns in other offices through weekly professional development by the White House Internship Program. We had a speaker series where principals and senior staff would speak to the internship class and offer words of advice." 

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