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Student Mini-Grants

Looking for program funding for yourself or an organization? Rockefeller Center mini-grants cover conference registration fees up to $300 for an individual student, or up to $1,000 to cover the costs of an on-campus event or program by a student organization.


Dartmouth’s Link Up Sister to Sister event was a day-long retreat for 146 girls from several middle schools in the Upper Valley.


Professor Sonu Bedi addresses the question "Should We Abolish Marriage?" and challenges students to critically examine the role of government in relationships,  at The Thought Project "Food for Thought" dinner.


Margaret Lane presents poster at the European Organization for Astronomical Research in Germany.


May Nguyen attends Smart Woman Securities National conference in Omaha, NE and meets with Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway.

Application Process

Conference on-line application form.

Student Group Event on-line registration form.

Post-Event Requirements

The Rockefeller Center provides approved funds after the conference or event has taken place and after the student has completed their post-event requirements. Post conference forms must be completed within 30 days of the conference.

Post Conference form.

Post Group Event form

Application Information

Application deadlines occur every two weeks with a decision made two days after the deadline. Applications must be received prior to the conference. Approved funding is distributed after the conference takes place and all post event requirements have been submitted. Funding cannot be approved retroactively.

2017-2018 Fall Term

  • Application Deadline 9/21/17. Decision Date by 9/29/17.
  • Application Deadline 10/5/17. Decision Date by 10/13/17.
  • Application Deadline 10/19/17. Decision Date by 10/27/17.
  • Application Deadline 11/2/17. Decision Date by11/10/17.

2017-2018 Winter Term

  • Application Deadline 1/11/18. Decision Date by 1/19/18.
  • Application Deadline 1/25/18. Decision Date by 2/2/18.
  • Application Deadline 2/8/18. Decision Date by2/16/18.
  • Application Deadline 2/22/18. Decision Date by 3/2/18.

2017-2018 Spring Term

  • Application Deadline 4/5/18. Decision Date by 4/13/18.
  • Application Deadline 4/19/18. Decision Date by 4/27/18.
  • Application Deadline 5/3/18. Decision Date by 5/11/18.
  • Application Deadline 5/17/18. Decision Date 5/25/18.

For more information, contact Rockefeller Center's Student Mini-Grants, or call Lynn Spencer at (603) 646-3874.

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