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Create Your Path

The Create Your Path program offers you a guided opportunity to step back and deeply reflect on the essential elements of what has driven and defined you, then learn innovative skills to make a strategic plan for your future. Reflection, self-awareness, and direction are foundational to leadership. 

“Reflection is the most important aspect of leadership that gets the least amount of attention.” - David Ager, Senior Director of Executive Education, Harvard Business School

About the Program

The program consists of six short online video workshops (about 15 minutes each) to complete on your own, followed by a capstone session on campus to make your path a reality.

  • You can participate in Create Your Path at any time, with opportunities at the beginning of every term for the culminating capstone experience.
  • The most popular time to complete the online workshops is during the interim periods between terms when you can take the needed time to reflect with fewer distractions.
  • Activities are built into the workshops, so you can pause the videos and resume when you have completed each activity.
  • The program is open to all class years and majors, with no prior Rockefeller Center engagement required. It is also open to Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and staff.

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For more information, contact Samuel T. Williamson, Program Officer.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences