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Rockefeller Global Leadership Program

Intentionally increase your comfort and understanding of people and cultures who are different in thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions; and learn how to lead by creating a climate of respect.

Global Leadership Program in Montreal

RGLP becomes a community for students after eight weekly sessions on Mondays. The program ends in a weekend culminating experience in Montreal, Boston, or NYC.

Global Leadership Program fall 2014

A very important component of RGLP is a collective conversation informed by students’ past experiences, perspectives, ethnicity and values.

RGLP is offered fall, winter, and spring for a carefully selected cohort of 25 students.

Dr. Uju Anya ’98, Global Leadership Program spring 2015

Dr. Uju Anya ’98, one of the guest lecturers, describes the power and danger of a single narrative during the intercultural communication session.

Global Leadership Program fall 2014, Session 7

Each session challenges students with an activity to better understand the topic introduced and reflect more deeply and critically over one’s cultural perspective.

About the Program

The Rockefeller Center’s Global Leadership Program (RGLP) engages Dartmouth students who want to further develop intercultural leadership competencies, which have become increasingly crucial in corporate, public, and non-profit sectors today.

Once a week throughout the term, a carefully selected group of students will have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions about cultural identity and leadership, in addition to gaining first-hand experience in cross-cultural communication. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of leadership in a global context through a multitude of small-group and individual activities, including scenario act-outs, group presentations, and a weekend learning experience in Montreal or NYC.

By participating in RGLP, you will develop important cross-cultural leadership skills that will benefit your experiences with foreign study programs, internships abroad, international volunteering, and research positions, but more importantly with your career post-graduation. 

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RGLP is offered fall, winter, and spring for a carefully selected cohort of 25 sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter 2019: November 9, 2018
  • Spring 2019: February 22, 2019
  • Fall 2019: May 24, 2019

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Program benefits

Developing Intercultural Communication Skills

An important value at the Rockefeller Center is the ability to convey your thoughts effectively; this especially applies to being able to communicate across cultural barriers.

Often, due to differences in communication styles (i.e., direct versus indirect communication), misunderstandings occur between people from different cultures. This typically results from a lack of experience in interacting with people who are culturally different, as well as an acceptance of stereotypical perceptions about “others.”

During RGLP, students will be taught how to effectively and efficiently communicate despite cultural differences in communication styles.

Understanding the Impact of Culture

While living in an increasingly globalized world, it is important for students to understand that culture significantly influences one’s outlook and perception, beyond just influencing one’s customs, values, and traditions. This understanding is especially important when spending time abroad or interacting with people from different cultures.

During the program, discussions will include topics such as the “Iceberg Model” which states that only 10 percent of a culture is initially visible. From these discussions, students will have the opportunity to generate ideas about how to be effective global leaders in a culturally diverse world.

The Ability to Work Effectively with People from Other Cultures

Combining intercultural communication skills and an understanding of the impact of culture, students will be equipped with skills to work effectively with people irrespective of cultural backgrounds. During a session in the later portion of the program, students will be introduced to the best principles and practices for working on and leading a team.

Greater Self-Awareness

Throughout the program, participants will gain greater self-awareness by being challenged to think about their own inherent biases. This will happen on a weekly basis via in-depth discussions and hands-on activities. At the beginning of the program, participants will have the option to complete the International Development Inventory Assessment (IDI), which measures cross-cultural competence. During one of the program’s sessions, students will have the opportunity to analyze how well they currently engage with cultural differences in addition to developing effective ways to enhance their cross-cultural competence.

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