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Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program

The Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP) pairs juniors and seniors with young Dartmouth alumni currently pursuing a career or advanced degree in a related field of interest with the aim of preparing seniors for their life post-graduation.

About the Program

The Rockefeller Alumni Mentorship Program (RAMP) provides Rockefeller Center-supported infrastructure for graduating seniors to network with young Dartmouth alumni for personal development, professional advancement, and career guidance. RAMP is a part of the Professional Preparation Program that is aimed at prepareing students for professional life after graduation. 

Current seniors and recent alumni build a relationship during their fall term through RAMP events and resources. Current undergraduates are given a chance to benefit from a strong alumni network matched with their field of interest, while mentors have the opportunity to practice leadership and mentoring skills that are transferable to their own careers.

A successful mentorship will result in an ongoing, two-way resource for both mentees and mentors, strengthened confidence and self-awareness, and tracking to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Application Information

Applications are accepted now.

Program Guidelines and Expectations

RAMP is organized into two tracks: 

Track 1 for students who are currently applying for post-graduation opportunities and require mentorship for the job search process

Track 2 for students who have post-graduation plans and require mentorship for navigating a new professional environment

General Requirements

1.     Four months of active participation in the fall term (September through December)

2.     Bi-monthly online meetings to foster the mentor-mentee relationship. Mentoring pairs should feel free to pursue topics most useful to the mentee’s professional development and/or mentor’s expertise.

3.     Discussion about email newsletters containing conversation starters and articles to build skills in networking and mentoring

Fall 2017-18 Timeline

September 2017

14th Mentee Applications Deadline

15th Alumni Mentor Applications Deadline

19th Match Notifications Sent

19th Newsletter Release (1)

20th Mandatory Program Orientation for Mentees

27th Mentoring Hour

October 2017

2nd Newsletter Release (2) 

4th Mentoring Hour 

11th Mentoring Hour

16th Newsletter Release (3) 

18th Mentoring Hour

23rd Newsletter Release (4) 

25th Mentoring Hour 

November 2017

6th Newsletter Release (5) and Closing Survey

8th Program Debrief

For more information, contact Tatyana Gao, Program Officer.

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