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PRS Testimonies

Policy Research Shop Testimony: November 1, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before Grafton County Commission and Grafton County Jail Task Force

On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, three Dartmouth students from the Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop traveled to Haverhill, NH to address the Grafton County Commission and the Grafton County Jail Task Force. Earlier in the term, County Commissioners Mike Cryans and Ray Burton asked the students to analyze what other counties in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine have done with their closed jails when new jails are built and to offer options to the Commission and the Task Force regarding the soon to be closed County Correctional Facility. PRS students Michael Sanchez ’13, Marissa Greco ’12, and Rick D’Amato ’13 produced for the Commission a policy brief, “Grafton County Correctional Facility: An Analysis of Options for the Old Grafton County Jail,” and presented their findings in a PowerPoint presentation. The students also responded to questions from the commissioners and task force members.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 24, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before Claremont, NH Committee

On the evening of May 24, 2011 four Dartmouth students from the Policy Research Shop at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center traveled to Claremont, New Hampshire to present and discuss their research into methods for conducting an inventory of residential properties in Claremont. Travis Blalock ’12, Kelsey Clark ’11, Austin Major ’14, and Eric Yang ’14 met with Claremont’s “City Center Project” Steering Committee, several town officials, and interested citizens during the monthly meeting of the Steering Committee. The housing stock survey is the first stage in the project which is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 19, 2011

PRS Student Presents Research on Renewable Energy Incentives to the Lebanon, NH Energy Advisory Committee

On May 19, 2011, Brian Freeman ’11, a student researcher at the Policy Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center, presented an analysis of renewable energy incentive programs to the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee. The report assesses the suitability of two renewable energy incentive programs, property tax exemptions and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), for Lebanon. Using data from 83 New Hampshire municipalities that have enacted property tax exemptions for renewable energy installations, the report projects that the fiscal impact of enacting the exemptions in Lebanon would be minimal. The report also describes how municipalities have modified the PACE loan program in response to a legal challenge by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The report was authored by Brian Freeman ’11, Jason Goodman ’12, and Christine Souffrant ’11.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 11, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club

On May 11, 2011, four students from the Policy Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center were the invited guests for the bi-monthly meeting of the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club comprised of citizens from both Vermont and New Hampshire interested in environmental justice issues. The students, Alexi Pappas ’12, Lindsay Brewer ’13, Marissa Greco ’12, and Zachary Schwartz ’11 presented the results of an analysis of carbon tax implementation strategies, reviewing New Hampshire’s current energy policies as a part of a comprehensive climate change plan. Engaging with case studies where carbon taxes were implemented at the producer and consumer level, the students demonstrated ways a climate tax could be designed and effectively utilized in a New Hampshire setting.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: March 29, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before the New Hampshire Behavioral Health Caucus

On March 29, 2011, two students from the Policy Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center testified before the New Hampshire Behavioral Health Caucus, comprised of State Representatives, State Senators, and other stakeholders interested in behavioral health issues. The students, Caroline Buck ’13 and David Lumbert ’12, presented the results of an intensive study of the current status of mental health services in New Hampshire and the consequences of a series of budget cutbacks. The students consolidated information from a decentralized system and highlighted some common challenges facing facilities across the state.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: February 18, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before New Hampshire Business Tax Commission

On February 18, 2011, three students from the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop testified before the New Hampshire Commission for the Study of Business Taxes. The Commission is comprised of seven NH State Legislators and private citizens who have expertise in finance, accounting, and/or business. The PRS students, William Danaher ’13, Katherine Schade ’13, and Galen Pospisil ’13 presented their findings about New Hampshire’s business tax climate and the connections between different tax structures and business growth.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: January 31, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before the Vermont Child Poverty Council

Three Dartmouth undergraduates from the Policy Research Shop of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center provided formal testimony to members of the Vermont Child Poverty Council on January 31, 2011 at the State Capitol Building in Montpelier, Vermont. Eric Yang ’14, Austin Major ’14, and Jae Hyuk Chang ’11 presented the findings of their research, which evaluated the accessibility of data necessary to track a series of benchmarks created by the Council. The resulting policy report, “Tracking Child Poverty in Vermont: An Evaluation of the Vermont Child Poverty Council Benchmarks,” includes a guide for finding available data on each of the Council’s benchmarks, as well as suggestions for improving data collection in the future.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: September 9, 2010

Poverty in Vermont: Reduction and Profiles

On September 9, 2010, Travis Blalock ’12 of the Policy Research Shop (PRS) gave testimony before the Vermont Child Poverty Council at the State House in Montpelier, VT. The Council, chaired by Rep. Ann Pugh and Sen. Douglas Racine, is a working group composed of legislators, non profit leaders, and representatives from executive agencies who deal with child poverty issues in Vermont. Travis’s presentation was part of the report by the Families in Deep Poverty Working Group of the Council, headed by Legislative Counsel Robin Lunge. Travis’s presentation outlined the characteristics of the deep poverty population in Vermont compared to the nation as a whole, and highlighted some of the challenges posed by its different characteristics.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: June 7, 2010

Self Representation in NH Courts Testimony

On June 7th, PRS students Allyson Bennett ’10 and Anya Perret ’11 met with personnel from the New Hampshire State Court system to present their findings regarding the resources that the system provides to the large fraction of litigants who choose to represent themselves in civil cases. Specifically, the students shared the results of an extensive experiment they conducted in which participants helped evaluate the Judicial Branch’s brand new website. The unique and original data the team collected show how well a user can find the important information which will help him/her navigate the legal system and how well the new New Hampshire site compares with Maricopa County, Arizona’s.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 24, 2010

One Voice: Policy Research Shop Students Host New Hampshire/Vermont Conference on Homelessness at the Rockefeller Center

Four Dartmouth students working in the Policy Research Shop convened a day-long conference, “One Voice: A Conference and Discussion on Homeless Shelters in New Hampshire and Vermont,” for more than two dozen homeless shelter executive directors and state officials from New Hampshire and Vermont on Monday, May 24, 2010. The PRS students—Margaret Goldstein ’10, Nickolas Barber ’10, Kelsey Clark ’11 and Nina Brekelmans ’12—shared their analysis of the ways in which homeless shelters care for their guests in New Hampshire and Vermont based on the research they had conducted during the previous six months and helped craft guidelines for coordination and best practices among homeless shelters. 


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